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How Can EID Help You Grow Your Business?

Get enquiries from Buyers: When 20,000 purchase decision makers refer to the EID to seek new suppliers, they notice you and send an enquiry
Add Channel Partners: When traders seek new principals to represent in their regions, they reach out to you too
Increase Principals: When brands seek new channel partners, they contact you
Connect with Academia: When academia seeks organisations to partner or source from, they consider you
Connect with Government: When government officials seek to connect with organisations from a particular segment, you are on their list


The last edition of the EID was completely sold out. So if you think directories are history, that’s not the case with the EID.
The EID is referred to by the Purchase and R&D teams amongst OEMs across India.
The EID is also referred to by trade channel partners dealing in electronics across India.
Purchase of components happens to be the #1 reason for the EID being referred to.
The smaller the city, the higher the dependence on the EID; therefore, your advertisement can get you orders from remote corners.
A one-time investment will give you returns for the whole year.
Your investment in the Print Edition will also display your listing in the online edition ( more prominently.

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Are Directories Dead?

Many in the industry believe that the days of printed directories are numbered. However, the sales of our Directory suggest otherwise.

We believe that if directories are produced well and we keep adding value, the demand for them will continue. Thus, our current edition improves on the earlier one in many ways.